About Halal Butchery

The Halal Butchery in Cluj-Napoca is a family business that was born out of respect for tradition and the desire to offer its customers quality at a fair price. We promote the concept of selecting only natural local dishes, without additives, colourings or preservatives, thus highlighting the authentic Romanian product. Our selection includes Beef, Sheep, Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Goose, as well as a wide range of cold cuts, dairy and international consumer products.

genuine products

We also we prepare Burgers, Kebabs, Beef-Sheep Meat, Beef or Mutton Skewers, Pastramis, many semi-prepared (marinated) products, and we guarantee that what you will put on your family’s tables is 100% natural, without containing additives and various concentrates. We are the premium range and we want to show everyone that we have animals raised on our pastures, with grass grown from our land, and this is reflected in the meat we offer you!

Our meat is certified ‘HALAL’= ALLOWED, by translation, halal meat is considered the cleanest meat in the world, due to the method of slaughtering and processing. Technically speaking, it is a method of slaughter in which the animal does not suffer and the blood in the carcass is removed entirely so that the meat can be served clean, without toxins. The resulting meat is much healthier. The taste is not altered and the texture is much tenderer.

Monitoring production quality.

Temperature controlled • Laboratory testing • Antibacterial treatments