Halal Butchery Products

We provide meat distribution in our own stores, supermarkets, grocery stores or resellers, in the form of Beef Carcasses and Sheep Carcasses, sliced pieces, the products being fresh or marinated, delivered in vacuum. The meat comes from our own farm in the Apuseni Mountains, in the immediate vicinity of the Turda Gorges, branded Green Farmsel, where we have a herd of 1000 head of Black Angus Beef.

Tender and marbled meat is highly sought after in the high-end gastronomy and premium sector, being the first choice of both gastronomic specialists and chefs in restaurants around the world.

Our butchery also offers semi-prepared (ready-to-cook) products. These are lovingly prepared according to authentic Arab methods by our preparers. The semi-prepared products are kept in extra virgin olive oil baths and original spices imported from the Middle East.

Thus, we have beef, mutton, chicken and turkey skewers, sujuk and makanek sausages, burger meat, mutton and beef chops, pastrami, steaks, shaorma meat, minced meat, Kafta, Steaks, chicken wings, turkey and chicken legs, prepared by our butchers.