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Grill Pack 5kg

300.00 lei

Starter Pack – Dry Aging

450.00 lei

The Ramadan Essential Box

270.00 lei

Spicy Black Angus Adana Kabab 400G

20.50 lei

Black Angus Beef Burger 600G

30.00 lei

Turkey Chicken Burger 600G

21.00 lei

Marinated Mutton Chops 500G

47.50 lei

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin 250G

25.00 lei

Chicken Wings 500G

22.50 lei

Turkey Chicken Arabic Sausages 500G

20.00 lei

Black Angus Minced Beef Meat 500G

18.75 lei

Mutton Chops 500G

45.00 lei

Black Angus Marinated Beef Skewers 500G

30.00 lei

Marinated Chicken Skewers 500G

22.50 lei

Marinated Mutton Skewers 500G

32.50 lei

Black Angus Beef Goulash 500G

22.50 lei

Marinated Turkey Skewers 500g

24.50 lei

Falafel Mix with Durra Container 350G

21.90 lei

Marinated Chicken Wings 500G

11.50 lei

Ayran with Mint 250G

4.50 lei

Ayran Simple 330G

5.50 lei

Double Cream Cheese (Telemea) 500G

17.50 lei

Majdoule Levantis Cheese 500G

25.50 lei

Nabulsie Levantis Cheese 500G

22.49 lei

Shelal Levantis Cheese 500G

25.50 lei

Labneh Levantis Cream Yoghurt 500G

14.90 lei

Black Angus Beef Liver 500G

10.95 lei

Black Angus Beef Steak 400G

24.00 lei

Harrisa Tunisia 135G

5.99 lei

Harrisa Tunisia 380G

14.90 lei

Tahina Chtoura Hommos 380G

7.90 lei

Tahini Durra Hommous 370G

7.90 lei

Levantis Extra Yoghurt 900G

11.90 lei

Chicken Kebab Kafta 400G

16.00 lei

Black Angus Kafta Kebab 400G

20.50 lei

Labneh Balls Black Cumin 400G

32.00 lei

Labneh Balls Chilli Levantis 400G

32.00 lei

Labneh Balls Plain 400G

32.00 lei

Labneh Balls Thyme Levantis 400G

32.00 lei

Black Angus Sliced Beef Tongue 500G

21.45 lei

Lebanese Flat Bread 500G

8.50 lei

Lebanese Flat Bread 700G

9.00 lei

Graham Lebanese Flat Bread 500G

9.00 lei

WheatFlour Maamoul Dates 420G

22.00 lei

Beef-Sheep Sausages Makanek 500G

25.00 lei

Black Angus Beef Fillet 250G

37.50 lei

Basmati Rice 1KG

19.70 lei

Durra Chilli Paste 360G

15.90 lei

Black Angus Minced Meat Rolls 500G

17.50 lei

Marinated Mutton Pastrami 500G

30.00 lei

Turkey Breast Whole Piece 500G

22.50 lei

Sliced Turkey Breast 500G

23.50 lei

Sliced Marinated Turkey Breast 500g

23.50 lei

Chicken Breast Whole Piece 500G

18.75 lei

Sliced Chicken Breast 500G

19.50 lei

Marinated Sliced Chicken Breast 500G

20.00 lei

Puck spread cream cheese 240G

19.90 lei

Puck spread cream cheese 500G

20.00 lei

Whole Grilled Chicken 2KG

52.90 lei

Front Leg Mutton 500G

25.00 lei

Black Angus Beef Leg 500G

30.00 lei

Back Leg Mutton 500G

30.00 lei

Boneless Chicken Thighs 500G

12.50 lei

Marinated Boneless Chicken Thighs 500G

13.75 lei

Marinated Lower Chicken Thighs 500G

14.50 lei

Lower Chicken Thighs 500G

12.50 lei

Whole Chicken Thighs 500G

11.00 lei

Black Angus Beef White Shin 500G

23.75 lei

Black Angus Beef Shin with Bone 500G

20.00 lei

Chicken Shaorma 400G

19.00 lei

Black Angus Beef Shaorma 400G

24.00 lei

Black Angus Beef Schnitzel 300G

16.50 lei

Durra Pomegranate Sauce 235G

15.90 lei

Sujuk Beef-Sheep Sausages 500G

22.50 lei

Tahina Durra 400G

20.00 lei

Virsli Sheep Beef Sausages 300G

14.90 lei

Black Angus Beef Sirloin 250g

21.25 lei